We love startups, mainly because it takes a lot of courage to start something from scratch and more than often means leaving a secure world of an employment.

That’s why we are offering Umbrella tech advisors, when you have questions or need a second opinion or perhaps you just need someone to challenge your idea from a technical perspective.

Umbrella tech advisors consists of developers we’ve been working with and know. Developers that have extensive experience in different stages of a company and in deep technical matters.

Frequently asked questions

-What language, structure, database should I use to get the product/service I want?

-What is just a trend and what is best for my company?

-Should I go for swift and kotlin or react native? Unfortuanly there’s no size fits all, because it always depends on what you want to do.

-What kind of competence do we need in the begining. Is there really a need 1 backend, 1 frontend and 1 UX, and should we hire these or freelance?


We offer you coaching hours but we’ll recommend that you start with 2 hours of coaching with one of our tech advisors, we’ll match you depending on your business idea.

3000kr exl tax.

All of our tech advisors are freelancers.