A shout out to all freelancers out there

We care about you and know what a jungle it can be as a freelancer to find the right broker/consultant company to work with. We encourage you to have more than one broker, but for every meeting you have with a potential partner ask these questions, they might help you decide.

  1. Always ask about the cut between the broker/consultant company and you. You should know what the client is paying for your services and you should be able to compare brokers to each other, simple as that!

  2. Always ask if the broker/consultant company you work with have direct contact with the client, to avoid too many middlemen.

  3. Always make sure you know what client you’ve been presented to.

  4. Last but not least, never ever sign a contract where you’ll be stuck with that particular broker at that client forever. Standard is between 3-6 months after you’ve left the client and the assignment.