Need a Consultant?

We are tired of companies promising the impossible so instead we want to give you a more honest picture of how this industry work. If you work with us we will care about you, we will make mistakes and we will learn, we will be honest and never promise the impossible. But even if you don’t choose to work with us, let’s make the the consultant industry better together so from us to you some good to know advice.

  1. The companies you partner up with will spread the word about your company, your culture and the people that works there. They will talk to candidates and based on what they know give a picture of your brand. So be in charge of who’s talking about you and share as much info as possible to the ones you’ve chosen. Be picky, know your broker, their values and what motivates them because they will either sell your employer brand or spread a wrong picture.

  2. Always know the margins, we’ve heard scary scenarios where the client pays 70% more than what in the end the consultant gets.

  3. Not too many and not too few, “lagom” is a great word. If you use too many brokers and consultant companies you’ll be drained in emails and candidates coming from everywhere. On the other hand if you choose just one you’ll end up with a partner that eventually will be fat and happy.

  4. We encourage companies to have the price discussion after an interview because you can’t compare one competence to another and it’s so many more factors that will decide than just five years experience. Usually what goes through a candidates head choosing between two assignments is,

    What kind of team and people will I work with and the impression I got during the interview?
    Does the tech stack match what I want to do?
    Do I get to build something new?
    Do I get the chance to influence people?
    Where is the office located and how long does it take to get there every morning?
    How flexible are they especially if someone has kids?
    What is the price tag?

// Sanaz & Madeleine